NYC Chapter Supporting a Wrestler in Need

Mike Wojcik with some of the leaders of the New York City Chapter of Wrestlers in Business

Mike Wojcik with some of the leaders of the New York City Chapter of Wrestlers in Business

One person can make a difference, but, collectively, a group with purpose and dedication can accomplish great things. The New York City Chapter of Wrestlers in Business is showing us the way. They saw a wrestler in need and jumped to action.

Mike Wojcik, an NCAA athlete & amateur moto-cross racer, suffered a debilitating accident shortly after graduating from college. He endured many injuries, including permanent brain damage, but has faced all challenges. He still needs costly medical treatment, including a procedure to regain his speech.

The New York City Chapter played a huge part in getting people to attend and donate to an event in his honor back in November. About 100 people attended, and many more donated without being able to attend. Mike got donations from the proceeds of the meals that were purchased, and through raffles and auctions to his benefit.

Here’s what Mike wrote about why the event was so important…

There comes a time in everyone’s life, whether they like it or not, they need to swallow their pride and ask for help. My family has given me help naturally without me asking, but it has come time I need to reach out to family friends and even people who don’t know me that well and ask for help. The reason being, I am so sick and tired of just sitting around waiting for a miracle that may or may not come. Talking again, for me, will be the equivalent of winning a national championship in wrestling. I know for an absolute fact you cannot just sit around waiting in wrestling, then one day wake up and be a national champ. It takes an incredible amount of hard work, sacrifice and commitment with no guarantees of the end result. But what in life is guaranteed? NOTHING, except death and taxes. There were many kids on my wrestling team in college; we all went through the same work outs. The workouts were grueling, but did not guarantee any of us championships, but that’s life. It’s about the pursuit of championships and dreams. It’s been said you will spend the majority of your life pursuing things; you need to learn to enjoy the ride.

As my family and friends waited in the hospital lounge they would share stories to pass time, while awaiting news of my condition. Of the many stories that were shared, they all had a positive an optimistic theme. Things were said such as, “Mikes a fighter, if anyone can beat this he will” and “Mike will pull through; he is the strongest guy we know”. And I will. The reason being, I understand a champion will change his approach as many times as it will take until he is successful. Traditional therapy did not work, so I will just model the same approach every champion does and change my approach. I will ask for donations so I can pay for oxygen therapy.

Walking again came naturally and easily. However, eating and talking, not so much. Not being able to eat is only a little depressing; not being able to talk is unbelievably frustrating, but both are feasible. The hardest part of my recovery has come now; I am a 27 year old man asking for donations like a bum. Asking for money goes against who I am and what I stand for. The one thing I promised myself as a youngster is I would never ever ask anyone for money .I Did everything I was supposed to do to ensure I would be financially comfortable. I went to college, got a decent paying career, but now I find myself asking for money. Although I did not plan for this, sometimes “you just got to do what you got to do”, I guess.

I will be having a benefit at Hazlet Fridays, November 30th to raise funds for this procedure, I would greatly appreciate all who come and would encourage them to spread the word.

It was a tremendous help to Mike & his family, but the journey is far from over. Please use the links below to read more about the story or to make a donation.

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