About the Wrestlers in Business Network

Wrestlers in Business Network is a non-profit organization that strives to unite the thousands of wrestlers that have retired from the sport and are now in their respective careers. It started as a networking group on LinkedIn. Since then, the group has evolved into a more prominent, member-focused organization that cares about supporting current & former wrestlers and the sport.


Our mission is to build a community that serves as a platform to connect our members and facilitate business and job opportunities across the nation by leveraging a talent rich pipeline of wrestling alumni, with the ultimate byproduct of increasing reinvestment back to the sport.


Wrestlers in Business is dedicated to establishing a vibrant community for wrestlers and former wrestlers that collaborate together on personal and professional matters.

  • The community achieves value from online and offline interaction
  • Networking on a national level through the WIBN member portal
  • Networking on a local level through local Chapters and events
  • The chance to find, work with, and hire other wrestlers
  • Discussion forums on various wrestling, business, and other topics


For members just entering the workforce, in career transition, or looking for new opportunities, the WIBN Community provides a job board that connects members with employers that are interested in hiring from our community.

  • Online job board dedicated to the Wrestling Community
  • The chance to apply for jobs where employers are seeking Wrestlers
  • The chance to hire other Wrestlers


As we continue to build a strong, vibrant community, Wrestlers in Business aims to become a leading advocate for the sport of wrestling throughout the United States. We aim to sustain and grow the sport through in any way that we can.

  • Raising funds to initiate Wrestling programs in underprivileged communities
  • Providing financial assistance and/or equipment to colleges in danger of losing their Wrestling programs
  • Facilitating scholarship opportunities to collegiate Wrestlers
  • Providing financial assistance to Olympic Wrestlers
  • Helping former Wrestlers in need of financial assistance