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We are the Wrestlers in Business Network, a national, non-profit networking group for everyone that is passionate about the sport of wrestling. We are dedicated to advancing careers, businesses, personal growth, and the sport that we all love. Simply put, we use the common bond of wrestling to achieve great things for our members and the sport.

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What We Do

We help wrestlers achieve greatness before, during, and after their time on the mat

Our mission is to build a community that serves as a platform to connect our members and facilitate business and job opportunities across the nation by leveraging a talent rich pipeline of wrestling alumni, with the ultimate byproduct of increasing reinvestment back to the sport.


Advancing Careers

Wrestlers make the best employees. The personal determination, training, and competition prepare you for anything you might face in life or in business. The Wrestlers in Business Network helps to advance the careers of Wrestlers through a job board dedicated to those that want to hire Wrestlers as well as a resume database of current and former Wrestlers seeking employment. 

Developing Businesses

When you need to buy something, you should buy from a Wrestler. The Wrestlers in Business Network Member Directory is a great place to start. There are thousands of businesses owned or managed by Wrestlers all over the country. You'll also meet lots of Wrestlers at local events hosted by a Wrestlers in Business Network Chapter or national events. 


Personal Growth

WIBN helps foster personal growth through the efforts of our local Chapters. It all starts with the events. You'll see lots of networking events with world-class speakers like Dan Gable, Tom Ryan, Rep. Jim Jordan, and other Olympians, Coaches, Wrestlers, and business leaders. They all have inspiring stories to share to help our members learn and grow. And, many of our Chapters include business leaders that are willing to share their insights with other members of the group.

Supporting the Sport

For most of us, Wrestling is what made us who we are today. Unfortunately, many may not have the same opportunities. We're losing Wrestling programs at all levels of competition. Now, more than ever, it's important to give back to the sport that made us. WIBN helps programs in need through advocacy, awareness, fundraisers, and donations. 


Our Members

Wrestlers in Business Network has a diverse member base that includes an amazing collection of people from all over the country that are passionate about the sport of wrestling. Some are renowned wrestlers / coaches. Some are family members and wrestling supporters. Some are business leaders that just know the value of hiring wrestlers.


Non-Profit Helps College Wrestlers Connect and Network

WIBN builds upon the connection between current and former wrestlers, and its website allows student-athletes to create a profile, post a resume and engage with  business leaders who also competed in the sport. The group supports the sport of wrestling by helping college programs grow and prosper, organizing network receptions, holding All-Star tournaments and coordinating speaking events with wrestlers and coaches like Tom Ryan and Dan Gable, Olympic gold medalist.

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