Renewing a Membership

This guide is for those renewing an existing membership. If you are joining for the first time, you may wish to reference this guide.


Click the renewal link in the email you received

The easiest way to renew your membership is to click the link in the reminder email that you should have received just prior to the expiration of your membership. 

This link will take you directly to the membership renewal form and will pre-populate any of the information you have already provided.

If you need another copy of the email, please send us a message.


If you have an expired link

The renewal links are temporary links that expire. If you click the link after the expiration, you'll see a message that says "Token Expired". 

If you see this message, you have 2 options...

  1. You can follow these instructions for becoming a new member. Once you begin the signup process, the system will recognize your email address and will automatically convert from a signup registration to a renewal. 
  2. You can send us a message and we'll get a new email link for you
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Bryan Buchko