Manheim, PA - As we enter into the final month of our Wrestlers in Business Network (WIBN) fiscal year, I want to thank all of our chapter leaders and board members for their tireless efforts to grow the WIBN network.  Over the past 12 months, we’ve had new chapters established in Dallas, Denver, Nashville, Delaware, Coastal Carolina, and Southwest Florida.  I am excited to announce that more chapters are in the initial stages of being chartered.     
The power of this network is really incredible when you think about it.  It has been my experience that we can typically connect with a leader at the top of any industry within 2 phone calls.  We have so many amazing wrestling alumni who are the best in their industry.  Just imagine if WIBN leaders around the nation can continue to develop strategies to bring these leaders together for business development purposes. 
In parallel with the ongoing establishment of new WIBN Chapters around the nation, our next big step is connect our 7,000 collegiate wrestlers and 230,000 scholastic wrestlers with wrestling alumni who are looking to hire summer interns and/or full time employees.  We are collaborating with experts in the “online job board” industry to develop the best strategies to accomplish this goal.
And finally, I want to give a “shout out” to WIBN/North Carolina Triangle Chapter Chair, Lenny Bernstein for putting together a terrific WIBN social at the 2019 World Team Trials at NC State last weekend.  There were many business leaders from throughout the region in attendance and a lot of business cards were being exchanged.  We want to encourage all of our chapters around the nation to build networking events into local high profile scholastic and collegiate wrestling events. 
In closing, we want to encourage all of our existing WIBN chapter members to help sponsor a new chapter.  Our goal is to eventually have at least one chapter near every college wrestling program in America (in some cases, one chapter may serve multiple college teams).  There is nothing more impactful that we can do to strengthen wrestling in every community than to have an organized group of influential business leaders in the neighborhood.  Thank you for your consideration of this request and best wishes for a terrific Memorial Day weekend.