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Programs We Support

To help give back to the sport that made us, WIBN New York Metro supports many of our local programs in need through advocacy, awareness, fundraisers, and donations.



WIBN New York Metro Board of Directors


Rich Appelbaum

Chapter President
Printing and Promotional Items
NWHOF, URI Wrestling

Rob Anspach

Chapter Co-President
Fitness Equipment
Former Hofstra Head Wrestling Coach

Neil Duncan

Chapter Communications Director
Designs Wrestling Fitness Centers

Dennis Papadatos

Chapter Board Member - Events
NYU Wrestling

Joe Patrovich

Chapter Board Member - Events
Hofstra Head Wrestling Coach

Sal DeSantis

Chapter Vice President

Cliff Chaplin

Chapter Board Member - Events
Printing Paper Sales
Lawrence Wrestling

Ryan Arnel

Chapter Board Member - Events

Scott Arnel

Chapter Co-President
NWHOF, URI Wrestling

Lee Spiegel

Chapter Co-President
URI Wrestling All-American

Eric Schmiesing

Chapter Treasurer
Office Designs
Hofstra University All-American

Paul O’Rourke

Chapter Board Member - Events
Commercial Construction
Long Beach Wrestling

David Mattana

Chapter Board Member - Events
Attorney / Real Estate

Mike Trotta

Chapter Board Member - Events
Tile and Marble Design
Buffalo State University

Danny Arnel

Chapter Board Member - Events

Wisconsin, NYU Wrestling


get involved

While alumni networks, business groups, and industry organizations try to connect professionals, WIBN is uniquely designed to interconnect business leaders in our local community and across the country who share the values forged by wrestling. Do your part to get involved with our Chapter and the organization at large.